It's Kids Clothes Week!

by Lauren Harris June 23, 2015

It's Kids Clothes Week! Are you planning? Are you cutting? Are you sewing? I'd like to answer YES! to all three, but alas I still seem to be at stage 1 - planning (and dreaming!)

If you aren't aware, Kids Clothes Week is a week-long celebration of sewing where a pop-up community is born, all dedicated to sewing at least 1 hour a day and then sharing the fruits of their labour on the KCW Community site. It's such a good place to get inspired.

In seasons past I've managed to drill out 5 or 6 outfits in a KCW week, but life at the moment is curbing my precious time, so my goal this week is to create at least a Tadah! Duffle Coat for my two-year-old DS (fondly known as Hamster). Stay tuned later in the week for my finished product (fingers crossed!)

Moving on... this KCW season's theme is travel.

kids clothes week button

Whilst you don't have to be restricted by the theme, it's a fun way to channel your creativity, or narrow down those infinite fabric choices! For me it's a great excuse to daydream about two favourite things: holidays and sewing. Ahh, what more is there in life? :)

Thinking you may need some inspiration, I thought this week I would choose some of my favourite Tadah! outfits sewn by you and how they inspire me in travel. We also have the lovely Cristy from Muddy Ruffles who has kindly provided some fabric choices for each pattern to get you fully in the mood!

1. The Darling Playsuit

darling playsuit by sansahash

Above: Darling Playsuit by Mgeni Jumbe-Allaraqya (Sansahash)

I think it's safe to say when many people think travel and vacations, sun and sea come to mind. To me, the Darling playsuit is the perfect outfit for a bit of beach or poolside frolicking. Oh glum, as I look out the window at the fallen leaves and dull sky of Southern hemisphere winter; but for the rest of you, summer's kicking in and beach bodies are getting their groove on! This little cutie above showcasing her playsuits belongs to the talented Mgeni and you can find more of her stunning creations at Sansahash.

To make your beachside Darling playsuit why don't you try out this amazing range by Dear Stella - Bay Breeze. It's in stock now at Muddy Ruffles. I tell you, those navy backed pineapples have my name all over them - watch this space!

bay breeze fabric collection

Or how about a little yachting on your darling to get you relaxing with Alexander Henry's Vacation Getaway?

vacation fabric colleciton

For the Aussies, these prints remind me of Ken Done's work... oops, maybe that's sacrilegious, but both designers inspire summertime and youth for me! I am warming up just looking at these bold colours!

What are you sewing? Would love to hear from you in the comments below!


--- Article written by Nicola Falconer for Tadah! June 2015 ---



Lauren Harris
Lauren Harris


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