Tadah Vinties Sew Along - Day 3

by Tanya Karolia February 07, 2017

Tadah Vinties Sew Along - Day 3

Welcome back!

Today we will be covering off steps 13 for the gathered version, 15 for the pleated version and steps 16-19 for all versions. Today is a short day - tomorrow and thursday we will be doing the bulk of the sewing.

So Step 13 for the gathered version is to gather your body to fit in between the marks we made on the yoke yesterday. I've got a little video for those of you who'd like to add lace or piping to your yoke

For those of you who don't want to do this, you just need to gather to fit and sew a 1/2' seam

Once you've sewn the straight line, press up and you should have a piece that looks like this

Then you're going to fold that yoke in on itself - right sides together and keeping up the seam allowance that you previously folded up.


Sew down the short sides - both left and right - for this steps lets forget seam allowances and make sure your stitching meets your arm holes - I tend to start my stitches at the armholes so they always line up. 

Then clip your corners and turn out and you should have the front panel read to be topstitched - poke out your corners gently.

Then either use sewing glue or pins to make sure your inside lines up nicely 

Then top stitch that baby down and we're done for today! Go have a wine... I mean tea.....

I'm off to have my "tea" now... shush...

T xx

Tanya Karolia
Tanya Karolia


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