Lite Steam-A-Seam2

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This awesome product has so many uses, but my favourites are using it for hemming knits and for the lining on dress bodices.

This 1/2" wide tape is sticky on both sides so it will gently hold your fabric in place and is repositionable until pressed with an iron. Press only once for a permanent bond.

You can then sew on top of it if you wish, or just leave the hem as is because the edges won't fray or lift and the strong bond is permanent.

Sewing the fused tape will not gum your needle.

The tape is lightweight so won't add bulk or stiffness to your garment.

Great for hems, appliqué and positioning lace or trims.

Also great for keeping your Tea Party (Dress or Baby) or Amor bodice in place.


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12mm (1/2") x 18m

6mm (1/4") x 36m