What is a bobbin?

by Lauren Harris October 19, 2015

What is a bobbin?

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One thing I LOVE about the handmade community is the support and encouragement we all give each other, regardless of ability level or sewing experience. It is for this reason that I wanted to include a beginner's perspective on the Tadah! blog. I know there are a lot of beginners that use our patterns and there are often questions floating around about 'which is the best Tadah pattern for beginners?' and 'Is xyz pattern ok for beginners?' so hopefully this series of posts will help answer some of those questions!

It is for these reasons that I was over the moon when Tracey from Sew Trying It approached me about writing a few posts about her experience starting to sew with Tadah.

Over to you Trace:


“What is a bobbin?” These were the exact words I asked my husband in August last year after purchasing a second hand sewing machine in my postnatal and hormonal state, with my second child only just been born 8 weeks prior.  My previous sewing experience included a failed pair of boxer shorts made in Grade 8 Home Economics class and a few buttons being sewed on with random thread colours depending on what I pulled out of the drawer first.

beginner sewing

Above: The first day I sat down at my sewing machine - 19 August 2014

My main motivation for making the leap into sewing and purchasing the little machine was to learn a new skill.  I am a firm believer in keeping yourself challenged and always learning; never did I anticipate just how much I would enjoy my new toy and the pride I would feel with each completed project.  I couldn’t wait each day to start my next project whether it be something for my own kids or a gift to give a friend’s child.  It started out with bibs, a sun hat, and a simple boy’s shorts pattern until a friend suggested I try a Tadah! Pattern.

This is when the fun really started.  My first Tadah! creation was a Seaside Playsuit and even with all of its technical faults my heart filled with joy when people would tell me how cute my daughter’s outfit was and I was so excited to say “I made it!”.

seaside playsuit

Above: My first completed Tadah! creation - a Seaside Playsuit!

So in 12 months: I have bought a sewing machine; a stack load of fabric; been given an overlocker as a gift; gone to a night sewing class; met some beautiful people who enjoy the hobby too; and made many creations I am super proud to admit were homemade.  Most importantly, I have learned that a bobbin is the little plastic wheel that fits underneath the needle plate of a sewing machine which forms the bottom part of a seam!

I have decided to turn my rookie sewing knowledge into a Blog: Sew Trying It.  Those who follow some of the facebook groups and pages of their favourite pattern brands will know that they are full of amazing creations and very talented people.  However there are lots of people who are also new to the craft, like me sitting back and just hoping I can get from start to finish without needing to do hours of unpicking! So here is where my blog comes in and hopefully gives a beginner’s perspective of different patterns, increased sewing confidence and hints and tips along the way for your latest sew (or even just to make people feel better about themselves and their sewing abilities haha).



Thank you SO much Tracey and high fives for starting your sewing journey!

If you loved this article, want to encourage a fellow beginner or just want to give Tracey a high five please leave a comment below or head over to Sew Trying It to give her some blog love over there or you can follow her facebook page HERE :)

Lauren x

Lauren Harris
Lauren Harris


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