Seaside Playsuit PDF Sewing Pattern

Can I sell garments made using a Tadah Pattern?
Tadah® Patterns are authorised for PERSONAL USE by home sewers and business owners producing small quantities for resale (e.g. selling items on Facebook, Etsy, at local markets or similar). If you do use this pattern to produce items for sale I would appreciate if you could give credit for the pattern, e.g. by writing “Pattern design by Tadah® Patterns”. Our patterns are not permitted for mass production outside of the home on a commercial scale. The pattern document is copyright protected. 
No part of the pattern may be reproduced in any form, by electronic or mechanical means, without the permission of Tadah® Patterns. Each person who wishes to use this pattern must purchase their own copy. 
If you are unsure about this or have any questions about the use of your patterns please send us an email and we will be more than happy to clarify –
Can I use photos from your website to advertise my products/business?
No. Images from our website and in our patterns are the property of Tadah® Patterns or provided to us with permission from our wonderful testers. If you sell items you make from our patterns you are welcome to use the FRONT COVER of the pattern (from the shop listing on our website) to show your customers, however it must not be cropped, edited or manipulated in ANY way. 
Use of any other images, photos or graphics from this website or our patterns is not permitted. We ask that you please use your own photography when promoting your business.
Where can I get help with my pattern?
You can join our support group on Facebook where there are 1000’s of supportive and helpful sewers who will be able to give you advice and tips. Click HERE to join.
When will I receive my PRINT pattern? And what is included?
Print patterns will be mailed to you once payment has cleared.
PLEASE NOTE postage runs are on Tuesday and Thursday only.
Your print pattern will include: A glossy, full colour A5 booklet which contains the full pattern tutorial and info pages. It will also include the pattern pieces printed in full size (no assembly required) on high quality 80gsm bond paper. These are packaged in a resealable poly bag for storage.
What is a PDF pattern and how do I use one?
A PDF is pattern is an electronic version of a sewing pattern (also known as an e-book or e-pattern) which you can download and print on your home printer.
Once you have downloaded the pattern and saved it to your computer it is your responsibility to take care of your patterns. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you save them to a backup USB or cloud based storage such as Dropbox (see info above) in case your computer is lost or damaged.
You will need a PDF reader to open the files. We recommend Adobe Reader which you can download HERE. Viewing and printing issues can sometimes occur if you don’t have the latest version of your PDF reader. Please make sure you frequently check for (and install) updates.
To print your PDF pattern – you can print on either A4 or letter paper. MAKE SURE your printer settings are set to 100%, NO SCALING or ACTUAL SIZE. Always check the 1” test square on your pattern to ensure it has printed the correct size before cutting your fabric. If your printer has cut off part of the pattern page you may need to reduce your print margins – you can find this under ‘page setup’ in your printer settings.
Once printed, the patterns will require you to assemble the pattern pieces by sticking them together. Instructions for how to do this is included at the beginning of each pattern.
If you have any trouble printing or assembling your pattern please contact us via email and we will do our best to troubleshoot with you to find a solution –
My pattern is all shown on one big page – what is going on?
Each Tadah PDF pattern comes with TWO FILES:
* The main pattern file which includes the pattern cover, info pages, tutorial and pattern pieces (sliced for printing at home). THIS IS THE FILE YOU NEED TO OPEN TO PRINT AT HOME.
* There is also a large format tile which has all of the pattern pieces on one (or several) large pages. This file CANNOT be printed at home, it must be printed on a specialized large format printer at a commercial printer or office supplies store such as Officeworks in Australia or Staples in North America.
If you are seeing just one page with pattern pieces and/or your printer is only printing a small corner of the page, you simply need to download and print the OTHER pattern file (the one with the pattern cover and tutorial - this has the 'print at home' pages at the back).
How will I receive my PDF pattern/s?
Once payment is confirmed, you will be returned to the Tadah® website where there will be a download link to access your pattern files. You will also receive an email (to the address entered at checkout) with a link to download your pattern and the pattern download links will be available in your account on the Tadah® website.
If you don't receive your download or have any trouble accessing your account, just send us an email and we will sort it out –
How many times can I download my PDF pattern/s?
There is no time limit for downloads, however you are only permitted to download each file 6 times. Please ensure you download and SAVE your pattern immediately to prevent lose of files.
We HIGHLY recommended saving your pattern files to Dropbox. Dropbox is a free, cloud based storage which is fantastic for storing your PDF patterns as it can not get lost, corrupted or damaged like a physical USB or hard drive can. Another fabulous advantage of Dropbox is that they have great mobile apps so that you can access your pattern files from your phone or ipad while on the go (never again will you get to the fabric store and curse that you forgot to bring the fabric requirements for your favourite pattern!)
If you run out of downloads for whatever reason and cannot access your files please contact us and will be fix it up for you ASAP –
How do I download/open the PDF pattern on my iPad/iPhone/Android phone?
There are a few different apps that you can use to open your PDF patterns on your iPhone/iPad or Android device. The following two FREE apps come highly recommended:
* Perfect Reader for apple devices
* Google Playbooks for android devices.
You will need to install the app on your device BEFORE downloading the pattern. When you click the link to download the pattern you will be prompted to select what app you’d like to open it in. Simply choose the app you would like to use and the pattern will then be available for viewing through that app.
Another way to access your patterns on your mobile device (and my preferred method) is to save the pattern to Dropbox by using the ‘save to Dropbox’ option from the download links. Dropbox is a fabulous (free!) cloud based storage which is an excellent way to keep your patterns organised and safe, but it also has great mobile apps so that you can then open and view your patterns from your device. NEVER print your patterns directly from your mobile device – there are all sorts of printing issues that can happen if you attempt this. Please always print from your computer.
What is the difficulty level of Tadah Patterns?
Each Tadah® Pattern is labelled with a recommended ability level:
Beginner -- Adventurous Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced
The ability level is shown on the front cover of the pattern AND in the pattern listing on the website. Please keep these skill levels in mind when choosing which pattern is right for you.
BEGINNER -- Beginner patterns are aimed at new sewers. You will need to be familiar with the basic functions of your sewing machine, but the pattern will walk you through the construction step by step and uses only simple techniques.
ADVENTUROUS BEGINNER -- These patterns are aimed at sewers who have completed a number of sewing projects (or classes) before and are familiar with sewing from a pattern. If you have successfully sewn several beginner patterns you are ready to tackle an Adventurous Beginner pattern. These patterns will build on your sewing skills with slightly more difficult skills and techniques. Again, the patterns are broken down in to simple steps to make them easy to understand and follow.
INTERMEDIATE -- Our intermediate patterns are best for those who have more experience with sewing, have a general knowledge of sewing practices and are comfortable using advanced techniques (such as buttonholes, zippers, sewing plackets etc). There is a certain level of assumed knowledge in our intermediate patterns, however the construction process is still broken down step by step.
ADVANCED -- Advanced patterns are for professional sewers who have a great deal of experience with sewing and patterns. These patterns may contain complex piecing, advanced techniques and less guidance (standard techniques will be assumed knowledge and not explained thoroughly in the pattern). At the moment Tadah Patterns does not have any patterns deemed as ‘Advanced’ as we like to keep our patterns accessible and achievable for those still building on their sewing skills.
How do I choose the correct size?
Children come is such a huge range of shapes and sizes, and this does not always correlate with their age ‘size’ so it is always best to measure your child before selecting a size.
All of our designs are created with ease that is for both design and comfort - this creates a pattern that is both practical and functional to wear. Some patterns are designed to have a ‘loose’ fit, while others are more fitted – this will be evident in the pattern descriptions and sample photos.
A size guide is included at the start of each pattern (and also shown on the back cover in website listings). It is best to compare your child’s measurements to this chart to ensure you are selecting the correct size.
Do I need an overlocker/serger to use your patterns?
No. All Tadah® patterns include finishing instructions for both regular sewing machines and those who have a serger/overlocker.
Do your patterns use metric or imperial measurements?
All Tadah patterns include measurements in both metric and imperial units.
Do I need to create an account to shop?
Yes. We require you to create an account to shop because this makes it much easier for you to access your patterns at a later date. It is also a good way for you to keep track of which patterns you own (so you don’t double purchase!) and makes it easier for us to distribute pattern revisions/updates if needed.
Your account information is never shared and is only used for the purposes of providing your products to you.
Can I share a photo of items I’ve made with Tadah Patterns?
Of course! We love to see customer photos!
You can share your creations on the Tadah Patterns Facebook page, in the facebook support group, by tagging us on Instagram (@tadahpatterns or #tadahpatterns) or you can email your photo to us