PATTERN HACK - Adding an invisible zip to the Tea Party Dress

by Tanya Karolia July 31, 2017

PATTERN HACK - Adding an invisible zip to the Tea Party Dress

Hello everyone! 

My very sweet friend, the talented Candice of CandiceAyala.Com has shared with us her technique for adding an invisible zip to the Tea Party Dress.

I cut one out last night to hopefully sew sometime this week because I've wanted to try this FOREVER! And look at sweet Abbie modelling for her mumma, butter wouldn't melt haha!


Make sure you check out Candice's blog, she has some fantastic, helpful posts in there and if you check out her Facebook page, you'll notice she hosts fabric giveaways for Michael Miller - if you know me, you'll know MM Cotton Couture is one of my most favourite things in the world to sew with!

If you want to follow her blog but aren't sure how - I use an app on my phone called Bloglovin and once you set up your profile, you can go and search for blogs and add them into your feed - that way you can go to your app and read all the blogs you'd like to follow, ours included hehe

Happy sewing peeps, don't forget to share your creations in our Facebook group as we love seeing what you've been up to - we may not always be online, but we are watching and loving it.

Tanya xx


Tanya Karolia
Tanya Karolia


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