Schmetz Universal Twin Needle 2.5 / 80

Size: 2.5/80
Two Universal needles mounted on one shank create two rows of stitches simultaneously.
Fabric Use:
Numerous - wovens and knits.
One (1) needle per card.


This needle creates two lines of parallel stitching, often referred to as a "faux coverstitch". Great for creating a professional finish on your knit clothing. Can also be used to create a neat hem on your woven outfits too!

The different sizes of twin needles both perform the same function, the only difference is the width between stitch lines. This is the narrow twin needle (2.5mm). You can find the wider twin needle (4mm) here.


DID YOU KNOW? Your sewing machine needles should be replaced after a maximum  8 hours sewing time! This will help you to avoid skipped stitches, fabric pulls and frayed threads.