Sew-Along - Duffle Coat

by Lauren Harris April 29, 2016

Sew-Along - Duffle Coat

So, you've decided to join us for the #tadahdufflecoatSAL and you've bought your Duffle Coat pattern on sale. I thought I'd prepare a list of "before the SAL" for you as well as publish the steps we will be covering each day of the SAL

For the sake of simplicity (and my sanity) I thought we could do the Quick finish coat, with hood. You're most welcome of course to do the Pro-Finish but you'll need to have steps 1-23 done before we start on Sunday the 1st May.

Let's start with "before the SAL"

  • Buy your pattern 
  • Choose your fabrics
  • Trace your pattern pieces according to the option you've chosen (quick sew or pro-finish, hood, collar)
  • Cut out your pattern pieces
  • Press any pattern pieces that require pressing in advance (step 10-12, step 41-45 etc)
  • Steps 1-23 IF you've chosen the pro-finish

Now, let's move onto the steps we will cover each day in the SAL. I'm not going to put a set time on the steps as I'd like to give all the timezones the opportunity to join in.

  • Day 1: Steps 24-27 - Assemble the lining/sleeves
  • Day 2: Steps 28-31 - Assemble the outer/sleeves
  • Day 3: Steps 32-46 - Assemble the hood and front flap and toggle ties
  • Day 4: Steps 47-50 - Attach the hood/collar and front flaps and assemble the coat
  • Day 5: Steps 51-55 - finish sleeves close the gap and attach toggles, open a bottle of wine/champagne/ice tea and enjoy

Excited yet?? Me too... though, I will admit, I am super nervous's like inviting a whole bunch of people to your house for a party and wondering if they will all turn up....

Hope you all join me on Sunday

Happy Sewing

Tanya xx

PS: Change your profile pic using this button if you're joining in

Lauren Harris
Lauren Harris


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