PATTERN HACK - Lined Surfsuit with enclosed seams

by Tanya Karolia August 06, 2019

PATTERN HACK - Lined Surfsuit with enclosed seams

Something interesting I learned during the pattern test for the Breeze Surfsuit is that not everyone fully lines their togs - my kids have come to expect this from me now so I kinda have to keep gong with it haha!  I made a load of these while testing and then we moved house and I seem to have misplaced a WHOLE BOX in the move and it contains all of they kids swimmers *scream*

While the pattern includes a front lining, it doesn't have a back bottom lining and I find that it helps to have that if you're using light or solid coloured fabrics. So here goes!

MOST IMPORTANT POINT: make sure your lining has a 4 way stretch!!! I get mine from the Remnant Warehouse and I love it!

For the One Piece

In addition to the pieces in the pattern, you will also need to cut a bottom back piece from your lining.

Follow steps 1-8. At step 9, follow the first diagram as below

Take your lining and pop it right side UP on top of the back bottom piece.

Then follow the last diagram in the step.

This is how it will look once sewn - the lining and the main will be sandwiched between the top back parts.

Follow step 10 completely. For your crotch seam, glue/clip all 4 layers together and sew this as one seam it will hide the crotch seam in between the lining and main layers.

Turn it all right side out and separate the linings to the front and back. 

If you’re like me, you’ll turn it inside out again and admire your enclosed seams 🤣

TIP: I suggest you baste your lining and main together so they both catch when you’re adding elastic. 

For the Two Piece Bottoms:

At step 12 lay front and back main pieces down facing each other,

Then put your lining pieces right sides together and then lay back and front lining pieces down on top of the main pieces

- the backs are together- then sew the sides and crotch seams.

Turn out - if you like baste the openings so they all catch when you add your elastic. 

 Then finish off your suit as per the pattern

Happy sewing

T xx

Tanya Karolia
Tanya Karolia


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