Butterfly Tea Dress PDF Sewing Pattern 

As a time poor mum, surrounded by the chaos and craziness that goes along with children, sometimes you want to create something. Something new, something sweet, something amazing. That’s where I was when I came across Tadah patterns®. With beautiful patterns that look much more complicated than they actually are, and detailed explanations that are simply explained, I was able to create gorgeous outfits for my children. My kids now have way to many clothes but it’s hard to say no when they pull out a Tadah pattern and some fabric and say, ‘Please’!

-- Robyn, Australia


I’m a brand new customer and very happy with my purchase! I love the clear directions and diagrams. Every pattern has lots of options, which is fantastic. Now I know why everyone raves about these patterns and I can’t wait to try others!

-- Allison, USA


OMG Tadah® is by far the best and easiest pdf pattern to follow and has inspired me to get into my sewing career so have started a diploma in applied Fashion Design and Technology. Would recommend Tadah to anyone and everyone. Love your work!

-- Candice, Australia


Classic designs, clear and easy instructions, perfect fit. You can make an entire collection for each season using Tadah Patterns. I’ve used several of the patterns and they are ALL AMAZING !

-- Rita, Spain


The most clear, practical and versatile patterns I have used!!! Really get more than what you pay for.

-- Jodie, Australia


New to the world of sewing, your patterns are by far the BEST! They are so detailed and easy to follow, I am totally hooked! Thankyou for the best patterns, I cannot wait to add to my Tadah Pattern Collection!

-- Ally, Australia


Tadah patterns are the only ones I use. I have almost all of them and every finished garment turns out perfect first attempt.

-- Gail, Australia


I am only a beginner sewer but Tadah patterns are so clear and easy to follow that I have been able to make beautiful, professional looking clothes. I love all the patterns by Tadah.

-- Sarah, UK


I have just finished my first project using a Tadah Pattern and loved it! The pictures and instructions were so clear and easy to follow as well as inspire me to change the pattern and make small variations for maximum results. 

I always found store bought patterns to be very confusing and hard to follow since I have no formal training. So I really liked that Tadah speaks in everyday terms and made the whole process a joy. I can’t wait to make more and continue creating pieces so simple yet so beautiful!

-- Casey, Australia