Overalls Hardware Kit ~ 32mm ~ Kids & Teen size

Tadah Denim hardware is the perfect finishing touch on your Everyday Overalls (or other handmade overalls/dungaree) creations

What is included?
4 x 32mm buckles
4 x 32mm slides
6 x 17mm denim buttons
1 x Instruction sheet

This is enough hardware to make TWO overalls plus some spare buttons for practising or to use on another outfit.

This size is ideal for KIDS & TEEN size overalls (sizes 3-14 in the Everyday Overalls pattern).

    If you are using the Baby Everyday Overalls pattern you will need the smaller (28mm) overalls hardware which you can find HERE.

    Colour options available:
    • Gunmetal
    • Silver
    • Antique Brass

    A hammer and anvil (or solid surface to hammer against) are needed to attach the denim buttons.