Kids Clothes Week Day 5 - Troop Shirt Love

by Lauren Harris June 26, 2015

Kids Clothes Week Day 5 - Troop Shirt Love

-- Feature image by Alice from Little Alice --


Wow, the week is coming to a close and my duffle jacket is now partially constructed with lining sewn together too. We're getting there!!

My Tadah! pattern of the day:

The Troop Shirt!

I don't want to leave the boys out of this KCW travel venture, so today is their time to shine! These days we ask our kids to be a part of our busy city lives and the Troop shirt lends itself to be the perfect metro-man piece; ideal for the little city break we all need from time to time.

So on KCW today who did I find...

troop shirt by conversas de hermanas

Above: Troop Shirts by Conversas de Hermanas

I love this photo so much! I'm sure they're saying, "Martini or G&T?"

This shirt gives you so many options, it is the quintessential dress-up dress-down pattern! Check these out:

troop shirt round up

Above L to R: Moocuzzi, M. Kaye Baby, Horris & Deedle, Funky Little Monkey, Kate Hanly, Sew Darn Ezy, Moocuzzi

I know you want to make one now, right?!

Ok, so some fabric love for your shirt-to-be. I'm going with some slightly retro, geometric options for your metro-man, and you can find them stocked at Muddy Ruffles:

moonshine fabric collection

Above: Moonshine by Tula Pink

geofabulous fabric collection 

Above: Geofabulous by Maude Asbury


 --- Article written by Nicola Falconer for Tadah! June 2015 ---

Lauren Harris
Lauren Harris


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