Meet The Maker - Amy Sio - Stitch+Stone Handmade

by Tanya Karolia April 09, 2017 1 Comment

Meet The Maker - Amy Sio - Stitch+Stone Handmade

Hi Everyone, 

Apologies it's been a while since we've run a MTM segment, I've been busy with Sew-Alongs!

When I first became "aware" of Amy from Stitch + Stone on the handmade scene, it was because I adored the way her kids were dressed in bold, bright and cool outfits!! I would say over the last year we have become good friends - bonding mostly over our love of swearing and lame mum jokes...

I feel that she has a very clear and distinctive creative style - I once stalked a lady whose bubba was wearing an outfit I was positive was one of Amy's! As it turns out, it was Amy's bestie on holidays in Sydney haha!! Awkies.....

Tadah Baby Tea Party (also known as "the outfit I stalked around the Sydney Opera House")

I hope you enjoy getting to know her a little better xx

What did you do before Stitch + Stone?
My house was clean, I was fit and cooked a lot, had a social life… haha no I was (and still am) a legal secretary.

When did you start sewing?
In Grade 8 home economics class, the old pillowcase, pencil case, shorts trifecta.
  We even had to hand embroider the pillowcase and I really wish I had kept it!

What was the first thing you made?
Aside from 4000 scrunchies, I mainly used to make dress up/special occasion type outfits for myself – like one Australia Day I busted out an old paper pattern and made myself a green and gold dress and my (now) husband a pair of matching shorts.
  The height of cool, right?

What inspired you to sew?
I started sewing ‘properly’ after a dear friend gifted my youngest daughter a floral suspender skirt on her christening.
  This one item immediately changed the way I dressed my girls and it kind of snowballed into an obsession with handmade clothing.

Tadah Breeze Dress

Has this changed/ evolved during your journey?
Not really haha.
  Should it have??  I think I am a bit more bold with my fabric choices these days. 

What is your favourite thing to make?
  But I would have to say the Tea Party Dress.  Or the Breeze Dress.  Or the ruffle neck Seaside.  I can’t pick haha.

Tadah Seaside & Flexi Shorts

What helps you create?
NOT forcing it.
  If it doesn’t jump out at me immediately, it can take me a really long time to decide on combinations.  I do love a good pattern clash so it’s probably a good thing that I take my time on those ones haha.

What does your studio look like?
It’s a ‘work in progress’.
  But I suppose something different about me is that I stand to sew.  My clever husband built me a shelf to put my machines on, at exactly the height I wanted it.  And even moved it up and inch when I changed my mind without complaining too much.
 (he sounds like a keeper to me!)

Want to share a pic with us?

What do you listen to while you're creating?
  It will change the way you think of me.  It’s the most hilarious, inappropriate podcast which I can only listen to if all my windows are closed and my kids aren’t home HAHA! 

Is there anyone you admire?
ANYONE who has an idea of their own and has a crack at it!
  I love the people that dare to be a little different in what they sew.  I also admire anyone who sews knit.  I have a pile of the beautiful Tadah! knit sitting on a shelf in my sewing room, which was meant to be a Tadah! Slim Fit Tee for my husband for Christmas.  I haven’t really decided Christmas of which particular year he will get it though.

Tadah Tea Party Dress

Do you ever sew for yourself?
I made myself an off the shoulder Seaside top which I love and wear all the time!!
  I try to.  But I also am too impatient so just try and wing it.  Which mostly ends badly haha. 

What techniques would you like to learn in the future?
Sewing with knit ;) and PLEATS oh my gosh I struggle with pleats.
  I don’t know why.  Anything with pleats takes me literally ALL DAY.  I put too much thought into what I am doing and make it more difficult for myself.

What do you like about Tadah Patterns?
Aside from the fact that the instructions are so clear, detailed but simple to understand, the designs themselves are a perfect blank canvas.
  Literally anyone’s taste in fabric will work on one of Lauren’s patterns. 

Do you have a favourite fabric style/designer/colour palette you like working with?
Michael Miller Cotton Couture!!
 So silky soft.  And don’t even get me started on the colour range.  I’ve been trying to think of a really amazing slogan to submit to MM for his range.  So far the best I have come up with is “once you sew Mike, the rest take a hike”.  It’s not my final answer though HAHA. (I think maybe MM needs to give this lady a marketing job!!)

Tadah Tea Party Dress and Baby Tea Party Playsuit with Long Sleeve Add-on

How do you keep (or not) your sanity running a successful business while managing kids?
I am pretty sure my answers to these question indicate I’m not doing very well at this HAHA.

 Are you a) choose the fabric, then the style or b) choose the style then the fabric?
I am going to say (a) choose the fabric, to justify the amount of fabric I have in my stash.
  But if you don’t tell my husband it’s actually (b), which probably explains why I have so much fabric in my stash…

Tadah Seaside Dress with Free long sleeve Add-on

If you didn't sew, what would you be doing instead?
I would be fit, my nail polish wouldn’t be chipped, my house would be clean, and my dog would be washed between his quarterly haircut appointments.
  If I wasn’t sewing, I have no idea.  I can’t imagine a life without it!  I am not looking forward to the day that my girls stop thinking every single thing I make them is the most special and amazing item of clothing they have ever seen.  Maybe I’ll have to start sewing for myself.  Or make a start on that Tadah! Slim Fit Tee for my husband haha.

Do you ever have your hubby help - what is he good at?
He is an amazing help.
  He is so supportive of me, especially in the market days or busy periods, he will snip my threads, do my quality control checks, makes me displays for my market stalls and surprises me with things like a 10m roll of fake grass, and a white gazebo to make my stall look wonderful.  He made me 2 different styles of hanging racks within 5 months.  I just draw a really dodgy picture and away he goes. 

I asked Amy to share a photo of herself and she sent me the pic of her gorgeous family <3

I hope you've enjoyed this instalment go MTM, see you all soon

Happy Sewing

T xx

Tanya Karolia
Tanya Karolia


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April 09, 2017

Brilliant interview! So great to meet you Amy- you are so funny, and love your style.

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