PATTERN HACK - Unisex Baby Tea Party Romper

by Tanya Karolia February 05, 2018 2 Comments

PATTERN HACK - Unisex Baby Tea Party Romper

A wee while back, the lovely Megs from Master C and Me posted an adorable pattern hack of our Baby Tea Party pattern in our group and then very kindly agreed to share her methods with us!! And what perfect timing for ME, my baby cousin is about to have her very first baby and it's a BOY!!!! Yippeeeee!














So to start with you will need the Baby Tea Party pattern and make the following adjustments.

1. Cut bubble romper pieces as per pattern. To make the bodice pattern piece, trace chosen size with the following adjustments:

Front Bodice – Add ¾” to the side seams as pictured below











Back Bodice – Minus 7/8” from the middle back, add ¾” to the side seams and 1.5” to the shoulder seams as pictured below









VERY IMPORTANT - Cut BOTH front and back bodice pieces (lining and outer) on the fold

2. Press the lining of front and back bodice hem up 1cm or 3/8”

3. Sew the lining and outer fabric for each side (front and back together) with RST including side seams, leaving only the bottom open. Clip corners and curves

4. Turn right side out and press














5. Bubble romper pieces – Follow step 15 from BTP pattern for BOTH front and back pieces. DO NOT join fronts to back yet.

6. Overlock all four straight sides seams of the romper bottoms. Fold each side seam over 1cm or 3/8” and press















7. Follow step 14 to create leg casing

8. Sew gathering stitch along the top of the romper pieces. Refer to step 19 from BTP pattern if needed. 

Or add a box pleat if you prefer. To do this first pin the shorts piece to the bodice and pin at the centre. Then mark the centre of each leg piece and the quarter point on the bodice and pin - bring the folds in to meet each other at this point and pin down and you've got a small box pleat

9. Follow steps 20-23 of BTP pattern to attach bodice to romper keeping front and back pieces separate











10. Sew buttonholes ½” horizontally centered from edge on front piece side seams. Mark button placement ½” centered from edge on back piece side seams and attach button. Refer to pic below















11. Sew buttonholes ½” vertically centered from edge on front piece shoulder seams. Mark button placements ½” centered from edge on back piece shoulder seams and attach button. Refer to pic above

12. Follow the same method as steps 26-27 to close side seams.

13. Follow steps 29-37 to finish the playsuit leg casing and crotch












I hope you have all enjoyed this, make sure you give Megs a shout out and a thanks if you sew up her hack

Happy Sewing 
T xx

Tanya Karolia
Tanya Karolia


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Sharon    Webb
Sharon Webb

February 25, 2019

When you down load a pattern do you just print onto a A4 paper and you dont enlarge it or make smaller just the same as what is printed on the down load am i right with that , Sharon .


February 11, 2019

please may I buy this pattern that is so nice
from Paula

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