Sew Along - Jaunty Dress - Day 3

by Tanya Karolia May 03, 2017

Hi Everyone!

I've recovered from my technical disaster yesterday!! Today we're going to be sewing up the side seams, basting down the tulle overlay (if you've made one) and hemming the skirt - so a nice quick day!

There were a couple of people doing a neck binding, so I've made a couple of videos to outline that process. I will admit upfront this is not my favourite option - I like the neck band better - it's easier and quicker!

Then sew the first bit of the binding down

And onto the side seams and adding a tulle overlay (if you're adding one)

And then lets hem the skirt. There are rolled hem instructions in the pattern if you like that look - I'm going to be overlocking the edge and then folding up and top stitching.

I know I SAY go slow, and then I go fast - mostly because a really slowwwww longggggg video would be super boring for you guys!!

I will see you all tomorrow to attach the skirt to the waistline of the bodice and we will be diggty done!!

Happy Sewing

T x

PS: I'm going to try out the clear elastic on the waistline to stabilise it, if you want to try that, then grab some before tomorrow!



Tanya Karolia
Tanya Karolia


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