Tadah Tea Party Sew Along - Day 1

by Tanya Karolia September 20, 2016 1 Comment

Tadah Tea Party Sew Along - Day 1

Hi everyone, 

Tanya here :-) if you're joining us for the sew along and you're running behind -- don't worry, so am I *whoopsies*

So Day 1 was actually yesterday and all we did was cut out our fabric - you can totally catch up today!

I will be making a dress with sleeves, one with flutters and a playsuit so we will hopefully cover most of the methods - including a semi exposed zip!

You can follow along on here, where I will aim to post every day, or you can follow along in our Facebook Group 

If you've not got your pattern yet, they will remain on sale till the end of this week. We're covering the Baby Tea Party, The Tea Party Dress and the Long Sleeve addition

Happy sewing

T x

Tanya Karolia
Tanya Karolia


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February 11, 2019

Hi, looking forward to seeing your lovely creations and getting lots of tips along the way.
Have a fabulous day.

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